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Our link outreach philosophy

First Thing's First

Any blog worth getting a link from has a lot of backlinks, relevance, and traffic, right?

Precisely. But that also means they get TONS of emails every single day about links, partnerships, sponsorships, and a bunch of other crap. 

99% of those emails go straight to the trash, but we’re the 1%. 

We don’t pitch a guest post or ask for a link off the bat. In fact, we don’t ask for anything. 

Instead, we offer value. And no, I’m not talking about money. 

Relationships, not links

Don’t you hate all of the random sales emails that land in your email inbox? 

They just ask you to buy their product or service without you even knowing who’s sending the email! Annoying, right? 

Here’s the deal:

People only care about themselves, which is why 99% of outreach emails are ignored — there’s nothing in it for the blog owner. 

Most outreach emails are just plain annoying. 

That’s why we build relationships first. Our outreach emails are designed to get a response, not a link. 

we get replies

Our emails are designed to get replies, and as you can see from the picture to the left, our outreach kicks A$$.

Response rates average above 20% which means we’ll be having a lot of conversations with blog owners in your niche. 

Once we’ve got a conversation started with authority blog owners, it’s much easier to send them a pitch they’ll actually consider later on. 

we get Authority Links

Once we’ve established a relationship with blog owners in your niche and have had a conversation with them in the past, we pitch them something they can’t resist. 

Our pitch is usually an awesome guest post (written by us) or another value exchange (like helping them with their website, for example) in exchange for an editorial backlink.

We don’t stop working until all of your links have been secured and are live on the websites you approve. 

Tailor-Made Link Building

I know what you’re thinking:

“Link building agencies are full of $#*!”

Believe me, I get it – I’ve heard PLENTY of horror stories myself. 

Most agencies don’t land links from big blogs in your niche – instead, they come from websites you’ve never heard of before. 

Worst of all, they won’t even tell you how they got the link in the first place! 

But we’re different.  

You see, we’re not actually a link building service – we’re a link outreach service.

We get in touch with the top bloggers, influencers, and websites in your niche with stone cold outreach emails. 

Best of all, we actually show you where the link is coming from BEFORE  you pay so you know it’s legit. 

No BS, only SUPER high quality links. 

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